Unprocessed shea butter 50gms


Unprocessed shea butter 50gms

Tips for Buying Shea butter

When shopping for Shea butter go for the raw or unrefined ones. Unrefined Shea butter is in its natural state and has the highest quality. It has a strong nutty aroma to it while refined Shea butter has been refined to remove the natural aroma for people who may not like it. A plastic-like scent indicates that it has been refined.

Make sure to check the color before purchasing it. If it is not ivory-colored this means that the Shea butter has been refined through the process of bleaching. 

Do a patch test on your skin before applying it to the scalp. Apply a little amount to your skin to see how your skin and possibly scalp would react to Shea butter.

If you can’t find Shea butter, you can opt for other hair care products that contain Shea butter. Conditioners with Shea butter is a good choice here.

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